House Training a Dachshund Puppy?
There a many theories on how to successfully house train a puppy.  A recent purchaser of one of our pups send me this short story on house training from a puppies viewpoint.  This was too funny and well written not to pass it on to everyone.  Thanks Marylou for this funny, but possibly true, look at house training from a puppy's point of view.

"here is what must go through the puppy's brain while out on a poop run  -- "  Okay go potty - right-yes, I peed - I am a good girl - what do you mean, go poo? - I need to deadhead these flowers - oh, an old fence post I can chew - hey, can I fit in this tipped over bucket? - that incessant go poo command; is she a broken record or what - does this rock roll? - oh deer poop is tasty and it rolls! - pull the dried grass and thatch the lawn - oh right, go poo - hey, there goes Jenny - was that a horse I heard? - wonder if I can fit through this chain  link fence - what do you mean, go poo? - where was that deer poop again? - Ava, come play! - what's Andy barking about? - did someone say go poo? -  oh, rats, now I'm too cold, so I have to go inside.! "