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First is to choose a breeder - not all breeders are the same.  Here are some questions that should be answered.   How long have they been breeding, do they show their dachshunds dog shows, do they breed more than one breed, and what are the qualities of the dachshunds being bred, and what hair coats do they breed?
Second is to decide what are the more important factors to examine in choosing your new dachshund - temperament, hair type, healthy  physical condition, color, sex, age, minimal chances of serious genetic disorders, and size at maturity are a few factors.
1- temperament is one of the most important factors.  Good temperament is a product of genetics, early handling of pups (0-8 weeks) and finally proper training by new owners (good socialization).
2- hair type is simple with dachshunds coming in longhair, smooth and wire coats. 
3- good genetic health with minimal genetic problems.  Pups raised in a healthy environment with good foods.
4-color & patterns- While this is of great interest for potential puppy buyers, it generally is not important to the health and general temperament of the pup.  Their are exceptions to this, which we will explain in the section on color and patterns.
We normally have between 2-4 litters annually producing  8-15 pups.  We only keep about six intact females, so the number of litters is usually low. We breed from high quality show lines which require above average temperaments with minimal genetic problems.  But there are only so many people who wish to participate in AKC events there are always puppies available as pets.

Often the only difference between a "pet" and "show potential" pup if that we require pet pups to be neutered.

Most of these dachshunds purchased from us and then participate in AKC events are still someone's pet. 

So if you are interested in one of our dachshunds as a pet and have no intention of participating in any AKC event, not a problem.  But, we are very concerned where they get to spend the rest of their life.  We probably will ask you a number of questions such as: do you have a fenced yard, have you owned a dachshund in the past, and possibly a few references.  We do not ship pet pups without you visiting us and seeing the pup before purchase.  We invite you to come and see the pup's parents and where they live. 
Vindachs Miniature Dachshunds
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Located South of Helena, Montana
We currently breed and show both smooth and longhair miniatures.  The colors are: black and tan, red and cream.  We also have the dapple and brindle patterns.